Foggy Forest

One To One Coaching  

Reach your potential with our series of face to face or remote individual coaching sessions.

       These sessions are an opportunity for you to really assess what you want in your career and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I get and how long are they?

Each coaching course is 6 sessions. Each  session is approx. 1.5-2hrs long.

How often do I have a session?

This depends on the individual but its usually every 3-4 weeks

What will I do in the sessions?

You will set goals with the support of your coach. Over the coaching series you will put in place next steps to allow you to reach your goals.  This may mean making changes in your career and life but for some clients its about falling back in love with what they already have.

What happens if I don’t know what I want? Should I not have coaching yet?

Many clients say that they don’t know what they want when they embark on coaching but most know that they want something else. This is normal and with our help you will be able to really get to what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Do I have to wait to the end of the coaching series to make changes?

Absolutely not. Most people start to see things differently from the first session and you will start to take next steps when its right for you.

Team Coaching

Take your team to the next level with a one off or series of team coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is team coaching?

Team coaching unlocks a team’s potential by learning to collaborate with each other to achieve team outcomes. It is a highly motivating process that helps to create an effective and responsive team.

How do I decide what my team would need?

Don’t worry we will help you with this. We will have an initial chat with you and help to ascertain where the issues are and what areas you would like to build on. We also talk to the team so that the sessions are truly tailor-made.

Is there a set format or is it flexible?

Its completely flexible. Essentially we will cater to you and your team's needs. We offer one to one interviewing, personality testing and much more. We can provide one off sessions or a series of sessions to suit your needs.

Away-Day facilitation

We will design and deliver a program for your away-day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You let us know what your organization needs or hopes to achieve from your away-day. We will then put together and deliver a varied and relevant program for the day.

What do we need to provide?

You just need to provide the venue, any refreshments, and the team!

Seminars, Workshops and Podcasts

Let us design bespoke seminars, workshops and podcasts for your organization.

This is a great way to reach a large amount of people quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics do you cover?

We can do pretty much anything you need but here are some suggestions.

Workshop session suggestions


How to have a career that you love

How to work collaboratively

How to build individual and team goals

How to control your ‘busyness’ so that you are effective

How to network effectively

How to delegate

How to manage your time effectively

How to innovate at work

How to do less and achieve more

How build a portfolio career