I have spent 20 years developing, changing, and expanding my portfolio career. I have learnt to create opportunities, open doors, network, overcome blocks and address what I really wanted at each stage in my life. During my working life I have had numerous roles which have allowed me to give a unique perspective as an Executive Coach specialising in career development.


Services that I provide: 

  • One to one coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Facilitation of away-days

  • Public speaking and chairing seminars and events,

  • Delivering workshops

  • Podcasts

  • Content creation

I have numerous clients from all different industries including medicine, interior designers, managers, journalists’, scientists, chefs and many more.  My aim as a coach, speaker and educationalist is to help people reach their potential through understanding what they really want.

Here are a few examples of the different aspects of my career:

  • Executive coach specialising in career development: ILM certified and member of Association of Coaching

  • Portfolio GP for 16 years

  • Speaker and Chair at large national and international conferences on coaching and clinical topics

  • Lead GP Advisor for BMJ (British Medical Journal) conferences including BMJ Masterclass GP Update courses and BMJ LIVE since 2006

  • Medical educationalist offering seminars and workshops both remotely and face to face

  • Service delivery: set up and delivered an award winning nationally recognised frailty service for housebound patients

  • Media: presenter of short clinical and coaching films

  • Advisory Board member of a health tech company

  • CQC inspector