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I have spent 20 years developing, changing, and expanding my portfolio career. I have learnt to create opportunities, open doors, network, overcome blocks and address what I really wanted at each stage in my life.


During my working life I have had numerous roles which have allowed me to give a unique perspective as an Executive Coach specialising in career development and peri/menopause in the workplace.

My career

Executive coach specialising in career development and self-coaching: ILM certified, Association of Coaching  Diploma certified and member of Association of Coaching

Portfolio GP for 16 years

Keynote Speaker and Chair at large national and international conferences on coaching and clinical topics

Lead GP Advisor for BMJ (British Medical Journal) conferences including BMJ Masterclass GP Update courses and BMJ LIVE since 2006

Medical educationalist offering seminars and workshops both remotely and face to face

Service delivery: set up and delivered an award winning nationally recognised frailty service for housebound patients

Media: presenter of short clinical and coaching films

Advisory Board member of a health tech company

CQC inspector

Podcast guest 

Joint founder of The Coaching Pod  - creating sustainable change through conversation and education

Founder of #careerinspiration - a social media campaign empowering women to take control of their careers

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