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I am the founder of an exciting social media campaign called #careerinspiration.

Each week I feature a woman with a flourishing career; she shares her career mantra, explaining how it has moulded her career and also how the reader can do it too.

The idea of the campaign is to create a series of social media posts that inspire and empower women to take control and shape their careers into what they want them to be by seeing how others have done it.

There have already been some incredible women featured on #careerinspiration including:

Professor Dame Jane Dacre, her career mantra is

‘The best is the enemy of the good.'


Chief Inspector Rhona Hunt who said

‘Don’t be afraid of vulnerability’.

For other examples please visit my Instagram feed 


Due to the incredible response I'm also hosting a series of #careerinspration Instagram Lives and writing a book featuring the #careerinspiration women.

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