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One To One Coaching

Reach your potential with a series of face to face or remote individual coaching sessions.

These sessions are an opportunity for you to really work out what you want in your career and life and how to achieve it.

During your one to one coaching, and with my support, you will set goals. Over the coaching series you will put in place next steps to allow you to reach your goals.  This may mean making changes in your career and life but for some clients its about falling back in love with what they already do.

Many clients say that they don’t know what they want when they embark on coaching but most know that they want something else. This is normal and with our help you will be able to really get to what it is that you are trying to achieve.


Each coaching series is either 4 or 6 sessions, depending what  you would like to address and each session lasts approximately 1.5 hrs and take place around 3 to 4 weeks apart.

Once you have completed a coaching series, I also offer adhoc review sessions. 

Most people start to see things differently from the first session and you will start to take next steps when its right for you.

1-2-1 Coaching
Team Coaching

Team coaching unlocks a team’s potential by learning to collaborate with each other to achieve team outcomes. It is a highly motivating process that helps to create an effective and responsive team.

I start with an initial chat with you to ascertain where any issues are and what areas you would like to build on. I also talk to the team so that the sessions are truly tailor-made.

The coaching format is flexible but essentially we will cater to you and your team's needs.


I also offer one to one interviewing, personality testing and much more. I can provide one off sessions or a series of sessions to suit your needs.

Business Meeting

Team Coaching

Away Days
Clapping Audience

Away-day Facilitation

If you're looking for facilitation for your team away-day I am able to design and deliver a bespoke program just for you.

Perhaps you'd like to improve communication or encourage your team to work more collaboratively. An away-day with me is a fun and informative way to get your team working together to achieve their full potential.

Contact me today to discuss your requirements, all I need form you is the venue and the team!

Seminars Workshops

Seminars, Workshops Group Coaching & Podcasts

A great way to reach a large audience, I can create bespoke group coaching programs, workshops, seminars and content for your organisation. 


I cover a wide selection of key topics. A few examples are below:


  • How to thrive at work during the peri/menopause

  • How to have a career that you love

  • From WHY to HOW - a practical guide to creating and working within your values and purpose

  • How to work collaboratively

  • Setting yourself up to succeed

  • Introduction to coaching in the workplace 

  • How to control your ‘busyness’ so that you are effective

  • Networking  made fun and effective

  • How to delegate

  • The Selfcare Equation

  • How to innovate at work

  • How to do less and achieve more

  • How build a portfolio career

  • Coping with change

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